Why should you do a boudoir session?

Do you know that you are beautiful?

Are you still trying to fit into an impossible mold, thinking you could be perfect if you could just fix one little thing? You won’t find perfection by losing a few more pounds or trying to hide each imperceptible blemish. You are perfectly beautiful now.


Most of us women struggle with self image. Why do we struggle with this? Because we internalize the unrealistic physical expectations that are portrayed through the media and often feel dowdy, unappealing, and inferior. I’m telling you that you are AMAZING.


I am thrilled that you are interested in boudoir photography! I like to think of it as an extended spa day – but better! A boudoir session is much so better because you get to take home images that remind you everyday of how amazing you truly are! I want to create images that you would be proud to blow up & hang on your bedroom wall or inside your closet.


At every shoot I strive to give you a good mix of tasteful & timeless with a few sexy photos sprinkled in as well. If at the end of our day together you feel beautiful, feminine & sexy, then I have succeeded at my job! I love the entire process of boudoir photography from beginning to end & enjoy assisting you every step of the way.

A boudoir photography session can be a once in a lifetime experience. It’s something you should plan for well in advance, just as you would for any other special occasion.

why should women do a boudoir shoot?

- To celebrate the accomplishment of weight loss.

- To celebrate a milestone - like a 30th, 40th or 50th birthday.

- Brides looking for a unique gift to surprise the groom.

-Mothers-to-be looking to document their pre-baby body.

- As a gift for your significant other on Valentine Day, your Anniversary, or Birthdays!

- Or simply just to remind yourself that you’ve still got that sassy and beautiful side in you.

With all the daily tasks women face – life gets pretty hectic! I truly feel that every woman deserves to take a break from the hustle of life, be a little selfish, indulge and do something totally outside of your comfort zone. Take some time to reward yourself for being who your are and


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