Exploring Boudoir Photo Session Preparation Timeline

Are you getting bored with general photography? Do you think of something different for your social media handles so you can touch the true potential of being a digital fashionable icon? Then opt for boudoir photography! Explore this underrated segment of photography with a high-profile photographer.

But this is not enough! To acquire the most, you are supposed to follow some guidelines before your boudoir photo session in Houston! What are they? Check it out now!

Boudoir Photo Session Preparation Guide And Timeline

One Week Before Your Session:

  • Keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
  • Avoid sunlight for a long time.
  • Moisturize your face and skin. Apply lip balm daily.
  • Keep your face clean with gentle cleansers.

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3-4 Days Prior to Your Session

  • Shape your eyebrows.
  • Get a new hairstyle that suits your the most.
  • Consider waxing. You will be only in your underwear for your boudoir shoot. Consider removing hair from your bikini line if you don’t usually.
  • Clean your wedding ring, pendent, or bangles (that you wear all time) if you want to wear them during your session. Visit our blog page to get more tips in detail before the session!

The Night Before Your Boudoir Session

  • Shave if you have not waxed (go slow otherwise, you will have cuts. If you’ll have time on that day, you can do this then.
  • Avoid alcohol and parties. Alcohol impact badly on the skin, even in small doses. It reduces the glow of your skin and can leave it dehydrated and dull. So, skip it and drink water instead!
  • Take proper sleep! Get 8-9 hours rest. Be hydrated, fit, and fresh for your boudoir photo session in Houston.

The Day Of Your Boudoir Session

  • Clean face and hair. Remove a single trace of your makeup from the night before, moisturize your face, and use eye cream and lip balm. It will help your stylist have a clean canvas to work with and make you look gorgeous, ever!
  • Arrive with loose-fitting underwear/bra because tight bras and underwear can produce lines on your skin. And these take time to disappear and can draw attention away from you in your images.
  • Consider a healthy and light lunch. Avoid foods that can make you bloated or lethargic. Then you can not look the most confident. Eat something filling to avoid becoming hungry during the photo session. Eat plenty of veggies, as they’ll keep you full and lean.
  • Bring dresses on hangers to avoid wrinkles.

Bottom Line!

You can choose a reliable name for an enjoyable and successful boudoir photo session in Houston. I will guide you through the outfit ideas, appropriate poses, camera angles, and specific props. We have expert makeup artists to showcase your beauty. So contact us! You can check the testimonials to know what our happy clients have written about us!

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