9+ Outfits You’ll Love to Wear at Boudoir Photography Sessions!

So, you’ve got a boudoir photoshoot by next week. But you’ve still no idea what you’re gonna wear! Well, that’s a matter of concern. But don’t worry! You’ve endless options for outfits when it comes to boudoir photography. And for me, there’s no hard-and-fast rule about what you’ve to wear for a boudoir session. In fact, I’m here with some amazing boudoir outfit ideas that you will love for sure!

In my opinion, boudoir photo shoots are all about focusing on the subject, which means the model, like YOU, brings out its natural beauty! I do the same, and you can ensure that from my previous work. Follow my Facebook page to see that!

So, I suggest outfit ideas for the boudoir photography session that feels comfortable and looks sexy even when it’s not lingerie (if uncomfortable with it)! There are some unexpected boudoir outfits perfect for this session. Let’s get started!

1: A Simple and Cozy Black Bodysuit

While looking for a classic boudoir outfit for the shoot but sleek and sexy, go for a simple and comfortable black bodysuit, especially when you’re uncomfortable with lingerie. In fact, when you don’t prefer showing off the bare midsection of your body, this one is perfect for giving you complete coverage but a sexy appearance!

2: Use Your Oversized Cardigan

Picture this: Remember those days when you were oversize? Then, you work out hard to get a sexy transformation, and you’ve succeeded! But do you still have that oversized cardigan? It’s supposed to be quite loose-fitted now. And yes, it will be a perfect boudoir outfit to wear! Just pick a sport or push-up bra, lacy panties, and that oversized cardigan. You will get an amazingly sexy, feminine, and soft look!

3: What About a Classic Corset?

If you follow us on Instagram for inspiration for boudoir outfits, you may have seen many of our previous models shooting in corsets! Already have one in your wardrobe? You don’t have to think much about what to wear in your boudoir photography session.

A corset gives the perfect classic look required for a boudoir shoot. And for the colors, you can go for anything, from black to white to pretty pastel, whatever you desire!

4: Black Lace Bra and Panties

Are you fond of black and looking for the same color for boudoir outfits? Well, black appears classic. And you can blend a sexy look with classiness by choosing a black lace bra and panties! Plus, you will have endless choices in black lace lingerie. You can pick a one-piece, two-piece, and even a three-piece set, whatever you fancy. Just make sure you go for the ones that fit your body perfectly.

5: Slip Dress

If you want to look sophisticated in your boudoir photoshoot, opt for a silk slip dress, especially those with thin straps! This minimal and classy outfit looks stunning and sexy, which makes it perfect for a boudoir photography session. But don’t forget to pair it with a pair of heels!

And if you have any dinner dates after the shoot, you don’t have to change. Just layer a leather jacket on it, and you’re ready for the eve!

6: White Shirt (Button Up)

White tops can give a perfectly sexy vibe to your look. Yet, an oversize white button-up shirt can be a great choice as a boudoir outfit! Just wear a white lace lingerie set and the shirt over it. I bet you will look stunningly sexy. And the best part is that it’ll be up to you whether you want to show more or cover!

And if you’re worried about how your experience will be in the boudoir shoot for the first time, you can read my testimonials for that. Many of my clients have shared their experiences there!

7: Nothing……. Just a Pair of Jeans!

Is there any pair of denim jeans in your wardrobe that you fancy? Then, you’re all set for the boudoir photography! Just wear that pair of denim and nothing else. It will give you not just an attractive look for the boudoir session- a playful and casual style for the shoot!

8: Your Classic Leather Jacket

Do you have one? It’s supposed to be in your closet! Then, just pick it up and wear it over a lace lingerie set. Or you can be dressed just in a leather jacket and sexy panties to have a super sexy look! It will give your boudoir pictures an edgy vibe and feminine style.

9: Floral Robe

Nothing can be better than a floral robe for a beautiful and subtle feminine choice for a boudoir shoot. You can go with a natural underneath or any lace set you desire. Amazing- Isn’t it?

10: Nude and Quilt

If you desire to look attractive and perfectly sultry but minimal, just go nude! The best thing you can do while preferring to cover yourself up a little during the shot is sit on the bed, wrap a quilt around your waist, and fold your hands around your busts!

Bridal boudoir shoot? Try this!

If you’re a bride-to-be and want to enjoy your few bachelorette days by doing whatever is fancy, and a boudoir photo session is one of those, I welcome you! But while feeling wondering what you should wear for the shoot, I suggest white lingerie of any style with a white lacy bra and panties and a white corset or a bodysuit. It will highlight the traditional side more!

But when looking for a boudoir outfit with more coverage, choose any white ivory silk dress or white robe with a stunning floor length. And if you like something else from white, go for any color you fancy. After all, it’s your boudoir shoot!

Wrapped Up

Hopefully, you love my outfit ideas for boudoir photography! All these boudoir dresses will make you look sexy, feminine, and stunning during the sessions. Contact me if interested.

However, if it’s your first time and you’re feeling nervous, I suggest reading my previous blogs. You will definitely get some hacks on feeling comfortable during the shoot!

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