4 Boudoir Photography Poses I Suggest for a Candid Look!

When you go for professional boudoir photography, you should see what others see while posing. I, Isobel, am your Boudoir photographer and posing coach. And since I have studied posing for years, I can tell you how a perfect pose can make a difference in your image and give it a candid and natural look.

And today, I am gonna share that with you. Here are some different posing ideas I suggest to get candid boudoir pictures. Let’s get started:

Your hair:

While posing for boudoir photography, always ensure pictures look alive. And your hair can play a great role here. For instance, you can play with your hair (just a piece of it, of course) while looking at the ground. It reflects and brings out your modest femininity and gives an extra touch of flair to the image. You can find such clicks on my Instagram page!

Your laugh:

Well, I always believe that a woman looks her best when she laughs. And it’s the simplest way to follow if you really want your boudoir pictures to look natural and candid! Make sure you don’t feel awkward laughing. Or else it will reflect on your facial expression!

Instead, give your real smile and laughter to create vibrant energy. It will bring out your most natural look in the image. I have clicked such pictures of my clients before, and you can see that on my Facebook page even!

Your hand:

According to me, boudoir pictures with hands are best to capture a calm moment. In boudoir photography, posing with hands during shorts happens more in intimate shots, like when you want to get such clicks for your fiancé.

However, while posing with hands to get a candid boudoir shot, I suggest being completely relaxed, like grabbing your finger and so on. In my testimonials, you can read how I guide my clients in such poses to ensure how your experience will be if you work with me for boudoir photography sessions.

Your breath:

Professional boudoir photography sessions often include intimate sessions. And while posing for any intimate shots, I advise you to take deep breaths, keep your eyes closed gently, and tilt your head back. It will make your pose look more lively and natural!

I hope you like my ideas for boudoir photography poses. And if you want to have this lifetime experience, contact me. And keep reading my blogs for more such ideas!

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